“SCADA Upgrading: Enabling a Smarter Grid Toward Low Carbon Energy System”


Government of Indonesia (GoI) is committed to Paris Agreement, to achieve energy mix in electricity 23% from Renewable Energy on 2025. To achieve this target, several GW solar farm and wind farm could be expected to connect to the system. Two wind farms with the total 140 MW and 20 MWp solar farm already connected to Sulawesi grid. PLN already tendered (Floating) Solar farm IPP 145 MW in Jawa and 50 MW in Bali. PLN plans to ten der several solar farms for Sumatera and Kalimantan.

emeged in early days. This creates confidence that PLN grid could host significant capacity of
Variable Renewable energy. However, new ways of system operations should be improved, and the
SCADA EMS (Energy Management System) should be equiped with new features, among others:
weather forecast for predicting Solar energy and Wind energy.

Thursday, 29 April 2021, 2pm-4pm (Jakarta time)


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