Aiming the Green City Concept in IKN ( New Capital of Nation-Indonesia), How & is it Implemented?

? Live Discussion
“Aiming the Green City Concept in IKN ( New Capital of Nation-Indonesia), How & is it Implemented?”

with honourable speakers:
?Rohith Ravula | Associate Director of United State Green Building Council), ?Eddie Widiono (Founder and Chairman Supervisory Board PJCI) and
?Rahma Khusniawati (President of IMTLI).

Let’s follow on
?: Wednesday, November 16th 2022
⏰: 19.30 – 20.30 WIB
?: Live Instagram @smargrid_id

FYI, One solution to overcome global warming in the construction sector is to build green buildings. In Indonesia, green Not many buildings have been built because the government has not set its obligations build a green building as a whole.
Some principles of IKN are Smart Workplace, Smart living and One of the principles
possessed by IKN is smart mobility transportation (mobility transformation), a transit-based
capital that prioritizes fast, efficient, and healthy movement for city residents . This is to create a conducive climate for pedestrians as well as adaptation of smart transport and autonomous

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