“Grids of the Future”

“Grids of the Future”
are green, sustainable and digital.

Today, 13.30-14.30 WIB
On Indonesia Summit Jakarta 2022
?Hotel Mulia, Grand Balroom, Jakarta

The Grids of the Future support the growth of DERs, microgrids, energy communities and other flexible resources across digitally planned, designed and operated lifecycle. This is our vision of the next-generation network — green, sustainable and digital.

Distinguish speakers:
• Eddie Widiono – Founder and Chairman of Supervisory Bord of PJCI
• Nyoman Sujana – Senior Specialist of Electricity Planning System at Directorate of Transmission and Planning System PT PLN (Persero)
• Surya Fitri – Business Vice President Power Sustem of Schneider Electric

Let’s make the use of electrical energy in the future better ??⚡

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