Picture 1. Victor Lapian – Asia Pacific ICT Solution CTO of Huawei, Anton Budianto – Executive Director at PJCI, Yoke Susatyo- VP Shared Services ICTPertamina, Suroso Isnandar – Director Risk Management and IT at PLN, Holmi Noviana -Director of Cyber Security and intelligence of BSSN, Yudo Dwinanda – Director General of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation DG EBTKE MEMR, Eddie Widiono – Founder of PJCI, Ikhsan Asaad – Chairman of PJCI, Tjahyo Tamtomo -Expert Council of PJCI
     The Digital Transformation Energy in Energy Sector – Opportunities and Challenges Seminar was successfully held on 24 October 2023 by Prakarsa Jaringan Cerdas Indonesia (PJCI) at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta. Keynote speeches include those of the Director General of New, Renewable Energy, and Energy Conservation of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM), the Director of Cyber Security of the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN), and the Founder of the Indonesian Smart Grid Initiative (PJCI). They address the need to develop solid digital technologies for smart electricity grids to achieve the 2060 net-zero emission target while keeping Indonesia’s 2045 vision. Arriving at “Golden Indonesia 2045”, becoming the world’s top-5 economy requires massive capacity development. It was mentioned during this session the need to safeguard the digitalization process from cyber security threats and the need for energy sector stakeholders to increase collaboration to achieve the goals efficiently and innovatively within the time frame In the Digital Technology session, Huawei Indonesia presented the power of their Security, Efficiency, Massive Connectivity, and Full Control of the electricity system through 5G networks. During the panel discussion, a Ministry of Health speaker accounts for how digital technology and iteration in the structure and operating procedure enhanced the mindset of employees. These efforts are contributing to the successful handling of COVID-19 in Indonesia, earning them international recognition. This serves as an example for other sectors, especially the energy sector, the breadth of digital transformation that needs to be handled to gain a meaningful result. There are expectations on key energy stakeholders, PLN and Pertamina, to foster a strong collaboration, especially in the development of the EV digital platform. An ICSF speaker calls for a single secure platform for EV charging in anticipation of an influx of imported EVs. Each brand, with its unique application, shall be integrated with the PLN Smart Grid EV Charging, which may result in an increasing attack vector to Smart Grid.
Picture 2. Green Super Grid System Planning PLN


     At the cybersecurity panel discussion, a speaker from Fortinet outlined the potential threats to the critical Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures, and how companies should develop a structure that enhances resilience. Panelists collectively emphasize that forging strong partnerships, investing in cybersecurity research and development, promoting education and awareness, and encouraging international cooperation, are crucial for sustainable digital transformation.
Picture 3. Electric Vehicle Collaboration by ICSF


     In conclusion, the seminar captured expert insights, opportunities, and the importance of a solid collaboration framework and the necessary regulations to protect it.
Picture 4. Winners of PJCI’s Innovation for Energy (PIE)
     announced Biojel as the winner of the PJCI Innovation for Energy Award, and Econella as the runner-up, followed by Autodigda as the third winner. Water Coin and Lectro Energy were the first and second favourites. They were chosen among hundreds of registered participants. PJCI congratulates the ‘young preneurs’ for their creativity which is crucial for  the  future  of  energy  in Indonesia.

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